The Growing Popularity of Glass Pool Fencing

Home owners all around are always looking for fun and exciting new ways to improve the appearance of their house, inside and out. Many people also have at home swimming pools and it is very important to take safety into consideration when adding new features. Glass pool fencing is something new and different. If you have children, adding fence around the swimming pool is important. This way you can always know they aren't near the pool. However, most fencing can be hard to see through and even not see through at all. Glass pool fencing insures safety and also adds an elegant touch to your back yard. With many different styles of glass pools fencing to choose from, you are sure to find the style that is right for you and your back yard.

One style of glass fencing is frameless without clamps. This is basically adds an illusion that the glass is coming up out of the ground and nothings holding it in place. Frameless with clamps however has two visible clamps on the bottom of the glass. Both of these styles has the glass panes side by side but not touching or connecting. The Patch style is completely closed and can either have clamps or not. The Semi Frameless option uses a frame in between the two panes, unlike the Patch style. Then last but not least you have the Full Frames option which has a frames going around the whole piece of glass, making this option to most “fence” looking option. You can also get the glass panes is different sizes and colors even. You can even purchase glass fencing that is bullet proof, adding even more security to your backyard.

Having a glass fence around your pool will add a fabulous new look to your backyard and also give you a great sense of security. You can makes sure the kids are always safe when around or in the pool with glass fencing. It’s just a matter of finding what style you like best and what matches best with your home and back yard. However, the sleek look of glass fencing is sure to match any backyard décor and leave you happy with your decision. Glass pool fencing is truly a revolutionary design and it is sure to add elegance to your pool deck and backyard, leaving you happy with the switch from wood or netting to glass. It truly is a great choice.

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    Then last but not least you have the Full Frames option which has a frames going around the whole piece of glass,

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